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Sudden cardiac arrest, is a silent killer.

It comes without prior warning.

The clue is in the title SUDDEN.

The consequences are devastating.

Screening services are patchy and not all conditions which leave people vulnerable to sudden cardiac arrest present on a basic ECG. For most, a sudden cardiac arrest will come as an unfathomable and often tragic blow.

When a sudden cardiac arrest strikes, the ONLY means of survival is to get the heart started again through CPR and defibrillation. This has to be done QUICKLY and in the time it takes for the emergency services to reach you, your chances of survival may have dropped from 80% to 10%

CPR is a truly important life skill, and at DiPPs we would support a move to make it a mandatory part of the National Curriculum, but CPR alone is rarely an effective response to a cardiac arrest.  

Defibrillators save lives.

ANYONE can use a defibrillator

You CANNOT shock a heart that is beating with a healthy rhythm.

You CANNOT hurt anyone with a defibrillator - unless you beat them over the head with it.

You CAN save a life - it's shockingly easy.

If you need any more convincing...

'My son survived FOUR cardiac arrests' Why this mum wants defibrillators in EVERY school

"I know the defibrillator saved Rahul’s life and we were lucky he was at the recreation centre, as his school didn’t have one at that time. The doctors have told us Rahul wouldn’t have made it if the cardiac arrests had happened at school because there are only a few minutes when a defibrillator can be effective after a cardiac arrest."

12 year old Kelsee died at school.

Luckily for her, she is educated in a State that makes it mandatory for all schools to have a defibrillator.

Defibrillators save lives.